Leslie McCallum

President & CEO, Bright Red Communications Inc.

Nadine is an artist with a capital “A.” She lives, breathes, and eats this stuff. (If I close my eyes, I can picture her with Frida Kahlo and Tamara de Lempicka, swapping stories and sipping espresso while turning out mind-blowing masterpieces.)

Like all great artists, Nadine’s work is constantly changing, yet instantly identifiable. Whether it’s an ethereal abstract or a vibrant landscape, her work draws you in and invites you to explore further. 

As a collector, I look forward to each new series with the kind of fervour usually reserved for House of Cards fans. 

If you’re searching for something unique and timeless, something that will make your heart sing and define your space, look no further.

Sally SmallwoodWriter, Comedian, Raconteur, SallySmallwood.com and peopleandchairs.com