You want to liven up your space and find the perfect piece to make your house a home.

You want art that speaks to you.
A piece you can love now, and years from now.
But how do you choose?
What if you end up regretting your decision?
What if you take it home and find out it doesn’t work in your space?
What if you invite everyone over and they secretly wonder if you’re colourblind?
Or, heaven forbid, a bit gauche.

Making the right choice is easy when you know what your deeper needs are around art.

I’ve come up with a simple way to determine your Art Love Archetype that incorporates
the Seven Purposes of Art, as well as what your personality responds to.

You’ll get more pleasure out of looking at art,

know why it matters to you, and how you connect to it.
So you can become a confident collector,
and live surrounded by pieces that you absolutely love.
Because living surrounded by beautiful things that hold meaning for you
will absolutely change your life.

Want to dive a little deeper?
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