A few years ago I stumbled onto an online showcase of Nadine’s work. In it there was a series of mandala paintings that drew my eye and heart. I bought one from her – a bristling brown and gold circle of wondrous energy. It enjoys a prominent place in my home in downtown Toronto.

More recently, in a raging blizzard, I made the trek to an obscure building in The Junction for another of her shows. Several of her large works from her Vietnam travels called out to dozens of admirers including me.

Buy us, buy us, they cried.

But there came another voice.

From the far corner of the room, a mélange of various smaller pieces – abstract watercolours mostly – spoke as one. I listened and bought them all. Nadine calls them the Discovery Series.

I call them beautiful and mysterious. They are wholly at home now in my place. The Prada mandala is happy to have more of the family so close at hand.

Nadine is a serious talent. Watch for her.

Jack Neary

Toronto Writer and Photographer, Canadian Advertising Legend (added by me because Jack is too modest to say so)

Nadine is an artist with a capital “A.” She lives, breathes, and eats this stuff. (If I close my eyes, I can picture her with Frida Kahlo and Tamara de Lempicka, swapping stories and sipping espresso while turning out mind-blowing masterpieces.)

Like all great artists, Nadine’s work is constantly changing, yet instantly identifiable. Whether it’s an ethereal abstract or a vibrant landscape, her work draws you in and invites you to explore further. 

As a collector, I look forward to each new series with the kind of fervour usually reserved for House of Cards fans. 

If you’re searching for something unique and timeless, something that will make your heart sing and define your space, look no further.

Sally Smallwood

Writer, Comedian, Raconteur, SallySmallwood.com and peopleandchairs.com

I absolutely loved Nadine Prada’s interactive art show. I have to confess to usually looking at art as a production line of “Would I want it in my house? No? Move on. Would I want it in my house? Yes? Stick around for a minute.”

With Nadine’s prompts, I stood and took in every single piece I looked at – and loved doing so. I found myself having deeply moving thoughts and emotions about paintings that I might previously have just examined for a couple of minutes before stepping away.

Ever since, I’ve looked at art in a new way – especially modern art. I have a new appreciation for things outside of my usual remit – and now it’s not just about whether I’d want it in my house!

Marsha Shandur

Founder and CEO, Yes Yes Marsha.com

“Love” & “Life” 

I was attracted to these pieces because, as a writer, I loved the idea of taking words and interpreting them visually. Also, I had just started a new relationship (with my now-husband) and wanted to invite positivity into my life (and particularly into my bedroom, where I wanted to put the pieces). 

Also, there was just something that drew me to them. It simply felt like I had to have them. 

Every time I look at the pieces, I have a sense of calm and happiness. 

They lived above my bed for years in my single-girl condo, and now that the husband and I have bought a house, they live in our guest bedroom. Hopefully they will bring as much happiness to the next couple who sleeps underneath them. 

Rica Eckersley

Associate Creative Director, Union Creative Advertising

Nadine Prada is an incredibly talented artist. The piece that I bought from her literally spoke to me! I loved the colors and the abstract visual style and when I learned that the series was based on voice prints I was even more attracted to it.  I’m not usually an impromptu shopper, tending to overthink purchases but not with this one, which is as it should be with art. If you see it and you love it – and can afford it – you should buy it. The piece hangs in my living room, in pride of place. I always look forward to new work from Nadine.

Shelly-Ann Scott

VP Group Account Director, Juniper Park

I can honestly say that the work that hangs on my wall provides me with comfort and a sense of calm whenever I pass by it (which is often as I hung it outside the master bedroom). I just adore it! I feel a wonderful sense of peace and happiness every time I look at this beautiful work of art. I bought a house and it is now a home – and Nadine’s work is one of the reasons why it is now a home. It brings peace into my life – a life often riddled with challenges. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Nadine, for being the artist you are.

Leslie McCallum

President & CEO, Bright Red Communications Inc.

I felt confused and dissatisfied with the art I was selecting for my home. I felt I needed a better understanding about what attracts me to a painting. 

I was in the middle of redecorating and I didn’t want to buy the same old decorative prints from a department store. I wanted something different this time. Something with meaning and inspiration. I was intimidated to go into galleries because I felt that you had to know about “ART”. I was a bit frustrated at that because of my lack of confidence. I really wanted to learn about art and why I am drawn to certain things. So I guess I was looking to deepen a better understanding of me!

During my consultation session with Nadine, I felt relaxed, at ease, very informed and interested.

Afterwards, I felt inspired and motivated. I had such a great experience! I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The information we uncovered made so much sense and I know it’s going to help me create a home and workplace that will inspire my creativity and my overall life. I feel more confident in choosing artwork from a place of self awareness now and I’m not second guessing myself. I’m looking at artwork so differently now!

Diane Andonovski

CEO & Video Producer, VideoWisdom Studios

Despite heading out in a heavy snowfall all alone, Nadine’s “A Look Behind the Curtain” event was brilliant. It was the best art show I’ve ever been to! I felt included and happy to be around new people and art. Nothing stuffy or inaccessible. The activities at each “station” got strangers and friends talking about art in ways many of us do not normally do. We often gaze at works in silence. There was energy in the room and a sense of adventure.

The sense that art does not have to be exclusive and elite-feeling to be fabulous, skilled and enjoyable stayed with me long after the event. High-end art can truly be for everyone to enjoy. I spoke to people I wouldn’t have otherwise. I ask myself more questions when I look at art now.

After the event, I bought a Hanoi #3 print. The colour seemed so vivid! I could look at it for ages. I can almost feel the energy of the place through the print. It brings me joy and makes me feel peaceful when I look at it. There is a lightness that comes from the piece that makes my heart lighter and happier. I like the whole series but this one jumped out and I knew if it made me happy to look at it that I needed to adopt it and bring it home. It’s in my dining room so I see it every day.

Allyson Reid

CEO, Chockablock Media Inc.

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