You’re a Thinker.

thinker_resultStructure. Order. Systems. Things that make sense. You like to be direct. You love your facts. You’ve been known to ask “what’s the point?”

You have a beautiful mind. A brain that never switches off. You appreciate the structure of a work of art. Art that is inventive. That teaches you something, or makes you think. Look for art that you can investigate in layers. Ask yourself questions when looking at it. You can use your brilliant mind to enter the painting. Think about all five senses. What sensations come up when you look at the work? What was the artist thinking about when they made it? What thoughts or experiences are they trying to communicate?  How do all of the elements of the painting come together to do that?

You can try out some of these questions when looking at the galleries. Choose a series that captures your attention. The first thing to do is just allow yourself to arrive, with no distractions. Start by asking yourself, what’s the first thing I notice? And go from there. Allow your questioning mind to take you deeper into the work and see what answers arise.

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