You’re a Sensualist.

sensualist_resultThe ‘good’ chocolate, melting in your mouth. The feel of the sun on your skin. What it smells like after it rains. You’re in touch with all five senses and you have the ability to take a deep dive into art with your entire being. Pleasure and beauty are important to you. Once you get present in front of a work of art, try using all your senses, not just sight, to fully experience the painting.

When you look at a work of art, imagine stepping into it and exploring what it might smell like, sound like, taste like, feel like. What might the air be like on your skin? Is it hot or cold? Explore the textures and brush strokes. Delight in the quality of line. Try asking yourself how the colours, marks, gestures and elements in the painting align with something inside yourself. How does the work make you feel?

You can try out some of these questions when looking at the galleries. Choose a series that captures your attention. The first thing to do is just allow yourself to arrive, with no distractions. Start by asking yourself, what’s the first thing I notice? And go from there. Allow your five senses to take you on a deeper journey into the work and see what you experience.

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