You’re a Seeker.

seeker_resultYou’re a natural born explorer. You’re always seeking more – self knowledge, experiences, expanding your mind. You love to learn. You’re curious about the world around you and about new ideas. You might even be a thrill seeker. Your nature can be expressed by a love of travel, whether that’s through planes, trains and automobiles or by expanding your mind through books, courses, movies, meditation and yoga.

You need art that takes you on a journey. Pieces that awaken your sense of curiosity or help make the unfamiliar, familiar. Art that opens up new worlds to you can help you discover more of who you are. Look at your reactions to work that might challenge you at first and see if you can relate. Try looking at the work through the eyes of the artist who made it. Slow down and connect – you have already arrived. Seek the now! Let yourself spend time in your experiences. Notice what you notice. Relax and enjoy. Get curious and see if something in the art connects with something that is already inside of you.

You can try out some of these questions when looking at the galleries. Choose a series that captures your attention. The first thing to do is just allow yourself to be present, with no distractions. Start by asking yourself, what’s the first thing I notice? And go from there. Allow your five senses and your curiosity to take you on a deeper journey into the work and see what arises.

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