You’re a Nostalgist.

nostalgist_resultJoy. Comfort. Memories. You have a rich emotional life. Rituals matter to you. You know that memories hold a lot of power for us. They shape who we are. And yours are made of such wonderful stories. When things get out of balance, art can help remind you of what really matters. It can be a touchstone that can help anchor those memories in the present.

Look for art that reminds you of a favourite place or an experience that gave you joy. Step into that place and let it wash over you. Art is one of the few places that can allow you to stop time, to hold a memory in your hands, turn it over and explore it fully. Give yourself the time to stay there as long as you want, letting it recharge you. Ask yourself, why does this moment matter to me? What feeling does it conjure? Allow it to bring you back to the present, fully restored.

You can try it out right now by looking at the galleries. Choose a series that captures your attention. The first thing to do is just allow yourself to arrive, with no distractions. Start by asking yourself, what’s the first thing I notice? And go from there. Explore the piece using all five senses. Imagine what it might be like to step into the painting. See if you can connect something in the work to an experience from your life. Let yourself go deeper and enjoy what arises.

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